For results, you need a company that...

  • Introduces products to circuit designers at the beginning of a new program or design
  • Makes presentations to engineering management
  • Demonstrates to purchasing management the total cost of ownership
  • Persuades distributors to favor our product line over competitors'
  • Obtains commitments from distributor management to work our lines
  • Introduces new breakthrough products to 1000 engineers simultaneously
  • Invests and grows as your sales, revenues and commission checks grow
  • Learns, understands and implements your company's strategy
  • Shares data on the business each salesperson is developing for you in real time
  • Offers experienced managers who participate extensively in our Principals' management councils

SJ Case Study

Mixed Signal ASIC designed for rugged,
hand-held, electro-mechanical system.
Twenty-one million sold and counting.

About US

SJ Associates is the largest group of technical electronic-component sales representatives in the in the North-Eastern United States.

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