A Powerful, Comprehensive, Straightforward Opportunity Management and Reporting Tool

Analyze current sales, new opportunities, and market penetration.

Forecasts for existing and new business become readily available.

SJAMs, a very powerful, simple, easy to use, software designed for manufacturer representatives to track sales opportunities from early identification thru revenue recognition.

SJAMs was developed for the sales professionals who deal with multiple part numbers or SKUs. SJAMs easily captures and correlates vendor part numbers with customer part numbers.

Fast, easy, capture of opportunities, direct quotes, distribution quotes, distribution registrations, customer
programs, orders and more...

Customizable forms and reports, allow users to retrieve data in multiple formats such as word documents, spreadsheets, text files and more...

Can be configured for single user licenses or small office use.  Small office users have the ability to use SJAMs on their individual computers and then "Synchronize" data via the Web or VPN or Network...

SJAMs also has the ability to compare sales data (shipment reports, commission reports, POS reports) to opportunities to confirm when opportunities have been converted to revenue.

Technology at Your Fingertips

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Simple Data Entry and Review

SJAMS Process

Graphical Capture of Sales Performance

Manage and Measure Opportunities to Revenues