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SJ Associates is the largest group of technical electronic-component sales representatives in the North Eastern United States. We field degreed engineers and represent the best-known technology companies in the world. SJ Associates offers manufacturers the advantages of representative selling with the commitment of a direct sales force. We are dedicated to the philosophy that our sales force must be genuinely accountable to each manufacturer and that our organization invest in the management and support services a manufacturer would for its own direct sales force. The growth of SJ Associates is a result of our commitment to this philosophy and our continuing investment in qualified manpower and systems. SJ offers our manufacturers the option of single, or multi-location sales representation and sales management.

The support services and management people, and investment dollars we provide our salespeople have a genuine purpose: SJ salespeople can spend a greater part of their time than most competitors with their customers because they can depend upon our support staff, systems and equipment.

​​With a larger number of sales people working with the major distributors sales teams, we can do more to influence results. We have several important lines in common with each distributor and represent a meaningful portion of each distributor's total volume. SJ is considered a larger "line" than any other line, and is treated accordingly. Our value as a true working partner allows us to enjoy distributor management's cooperation. This permits us to direct distributor salespeople as if they were working for SJ's Principals, assigning responsibility for new design and sales activities and following up together on a collaborative basis.

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Our broad portfolio of advanced technology products and industry-leading principals includes all of the essential components every OEM must have; so we are vitally important to every new design. Our necessary and early involvement in the OEM design process, often at the level of the fundamental architecture of a design ensures we have opportunities to sell all our principals' products.


With more than 25 outstanding team-oriented employees sharing their ideas, experience and successes with each other for many years, SJ people have developed an extensive knowledge of how to be excellent representatives. We create an environment in which our people and Principals grow and thrive. And most importantly, we build sales!

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Please contact SJ Associates at your convenience for an initial consultation. We’ll work with you one on one to determine a roadmap to success. We look forward to working with you soon.

​​Distributor Cooperation

SJ is the Mid-Atlantic market leader (New York to Virginia, inclusive). In this Region we field the largest sales rep organization of any by far. We can introduce products to the market fast.

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